Welcome to polberger.se

Reach any member of the Polberger family by sending e-mail to [Given name]@polberger.se. These are some web sites connected to members of the family:

Neosupport AB

David and Staffan Polberger are the founders of Neosupport AB, a company which primarily builds the Calcapp technology platform.


Forget error-prone Excel calculators and build apps instead. Imagine a cloud-based app designer enabling you to create calculator apps with no programming involved. With Calcapp, native apps are created as easily as an Excel sheet.

Photographer David Polberger

When he is not working with software, David is a professional freelance photographer working for various magazines. This is his portfolio web site. (Only available in Swedish.)

Master's thesis: Component technology in an embedded system

David completed his master's degree in computer science in 2010. His thesis concerns software components and software modularity with an in-depth look at the industry practices of Ericsson and Sony Ericsson (now Sony Mobile).