I have spent some time in forums related to the technologies I cover in Chapter 5, and have gotten useful feedback that will inform the next round of editing. (Some of the feedback has only been sent to me privately.) My .NET material seems to be correct, and that goes for the COM material as well (although COM supposedly does have mechanisms that allow a class to change its GUID, and still work for clients expecting an older version). There are some minor issues with the Visual Basic section that I must look into (supposedly, VBX components were available for 32-bit environments, for instance). My post in the Delphi forum garnered quite a few replies (and I spend some time discussing my take on components in this thread, if you’re interested) — the Delphi material seems to be free of errors. My post to the OSGi mailing list resulted in private replies that indicate that my take on OSGi is correct. I did not receive any replies to my post to a CORBA forum (indeed, it’s mostly filled with spam).

Also, my advisor at the Department of Computer Science at Lund University wrote me today, informing me that he had not been able to spot any errors. (He did critique my use of the English language, though, saying that my prose was too difficult for non-native speakers.) I’m now waiting for my advisor at Sony Ericsson to give his take, and will hopefully get to defend my thesis in March.